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  1. hi my friend... i hope you are fine. now i have your last post in my blog list and i write a cronic of the end relationship of tarkan and bilge... know you something about this new? well, i hope that you can write me and i send many greetings from Chile.
    take care and have a great weekend.

  2. hi Yusuf: Thanx 4 your message. i'm fine...
    why tarkan and bilge's relationship is a fake? thanx again.

  3. Hi Yusuf:
    i hope you're fine... about your comment, thanks for the information, i'm dumstruck!!!
    if i receive us$ 4.000, i accept a proposal too, jaja...
    well my friend, i have to go now. take care and have a good day. here is cold and we have rain.
    see you soon. greetings.